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Flower/ Garden Beds

A garden bed can be located on the ground or raised. A flower bed is located on the ground to add curb appeal to the home.

Decorative Shrubs & Brown Mulch
Hosta Plants & Bark
Drip Line
Red Mulch & Perennial Shrubs
Gravel Bed & Decorative Grass(Retaining Wall)
Gravel Bed & Paver Edging
Gravel Bed & Bushes & Concrete Curbing
Raised Garden Beds

Whether you are selling your home or simply remodeling, a great way to add curb appeal is by adding flower beds. Clients have fun designing a custom layout and choosing between a variety of plants, gravel or mulch.


We install garden beds, great for growing vegetables, fruits or flowers. This is a great way to spend some time outside with your family and kids. 


For both flower and garden beds we offer a customized drip system which is the most efficient way to water your plants especially during the summer heat. We also offer topsoil and amendment to help our clients grow healthy flowers or vegetables/ fruit. 

High quality materials are used such as commercial grade weed fabric and quality hosing. We make sure to use the same high quality materials we  would install in our own homes. 

Questions? Give us a call for a free quote and consultation!

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