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Sod/ Hydroseed/ Synthetic Turf



We offer two types of grass.  Our most popular is Conventional Kentucky Blue/ Perennial Rye grass. With the proper care it is a dense, lush and beautiful color.


We also offer Tall Fescue grass which is considered easy maintenance and is popular due to being drought and pet urine friendly. 


Pros: quicker results, less wait time, more resistant to weeds

Con: medium cost 




We offer the same species of grass as sod  (Conventional Kentucky Blue/ Perennial Rye and Tall Fescue).


Hydroseeding is cost effective and can yield a fuller, lush lawn, but requires intensive watering initially.

Pro: least expensive cost

Cons: longer wait time, slightly higher probability of getting weeds


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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf comes in a variety of heights and thickness. We offer putting greens, pet turf, and lawn turf. 

Pros: no need for sprinkler system, no weeds, no mowing expense, green year round, no fertilizing expense, non -allergenic

Cons: most expensive cost, holds more heat than natural grass and can feel warm to the touch 


Questions? Give us a call for a free quote and consultation!

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